6 Snap-Worthy Products for Every Photographer

  • Jul 2, 2024

Do you know what bokeh means? Aperture? That’s ok if you don’t, but many of your clients may know these terms if they are avid photographers! Whether they enjoy taking a flat lay shot of their lunch for Instagram or dream of becoming the next Ansel Adams, these six promotional products are perfect for every photographer and will expose your business even more.


Widening Lens Accessory for Phones

lens accessory for phones

Oh, snap! Enhance your smartphone photos and videos with this snap-on portrait lens. Featuring a high-quality wide-angle and macro lenses, you’ll transform your everyday photos into professional looking ones in a flash. This portrait lens is a great mobile tech gift and gives your logo unlimited impressions anytime a photo is snapped! 


Debossed Microfiber Cloth 


debossed microfiber clothHelp your clients keep their camera equipment clean like its brand new. With this 7.5” x 7.5” debossed microfiber cloth, you can lift any dust or oils from delicate surfaces without scratching or smudging. Plus, your debossed logo, no matter the shape or size, will fit onto the cloth. Not only is this a practical, convenient product for your photography-loving customers, but they’ll remember your brand every time they break out the camera gear.   


Bluetooth Wireless Selfie Stick 

bluetooth selfie stick



One trend that will never go out of style? The selfie stick! Regardless if your client enjoys traveling the world solo or if they snap everyday selfies, this essential photography tool is convenient for everyone. The expanding grip head holds any smartphone or pocket camera, plus this selfie stick connects to any device with Bluetooth functionality. Its selfies made simple!


2-Port Wall Charger

wall charger

Light up your brand with this 2-port wall charger. A compact design with folding prongs, this wall charger is compatible with most portable devices including a digital camera! The charger also illuminates your logo once plugged in. Now, next time your client needs to charge up and prepare for a shoot, they will think of your business first!


Polaroid SNAP Camera 

polaroid snap cameraSay cheese! The Polaroid SNAP is the perfect blend of the 1990s nostalgia and modern digital technology. Including a self-timer feature, full-color prints, and a magnetic lens cap, your clients will be happy to take this throwback device on every adventure. Don’t lose focus on your business goals, capture the attention of everyone with this colorful Polaroid camera.   


5" x 7" Aluminum Frame 

aluminum framePicture this: You’re walking on the beach, the sun is setting, and there is no one else around you. What do you do? Snap a photo of course. But, where do you proudly display the photo once it’s printed? This 5” x 7” aluminum frame is the solution! It fits perfectly on every desk and blends in with every type of decor. Plus, it’s a great gift to give to clients with your logo etched at the bottom of the frame.


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